A5 “Going Back to Work Checklist” publication (OPFS)

A5 4pg booklet: “Going Back to Work Checklist”.


  • Requires a clean and clear publication to organise complicated information into a clear and concise manner.
  • Portable.
  • For in-house printing.
  • Design must be sympathetic to the branding of the three organisations involved: OPFS, Fife Gingerbread, and Making It Work Fife.


  • The content was presented in a simple, clear and concise manner, with clearly labelled information was added on where to get more help for each action item.
  • The green and a slate blue were chosen to complement the branding of all three partner organisations as best as possible.
  • The white background enabled in-house printing on printers that cannot print to the edge of the page.
  • The A5 leaflet style was chosen to make the publication small enough to carry around for reference, and to enable easy printing (on A4 paper) and assembly in-house (simple folding, with no cutting required).
  • The checklist was made into an interactive PDF to enable people to download, fill them in, and store them completely digitally if they wished.

View the full Going Back To Work Checklist (Interactive PDF)

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